About Us

While the new Tapley’s Mercantile and Antiques sells quite different products than its former days as Andy’s IGA, it is still a family run business providing the absolute best of all that it has to offer.

You will still find the former butcher blocks staggered amongst the space used as far back as the seventies! Operated by Robert and Brenda Anderson, Tapley’s is not just another antique mall. With over 50 vendors inside the spacious and bright store, you are sure to find a vast array of antiques, jewelry, and even meat seasonings – the mercantile part of the business!

Opened in February of 2020, Tapley’s is named after Robert’s grandmother Nora Tapley, an exceptional woman and nurse who lived to 101. You can even get a candle named after her and her husband Otis. They are a must have! Even more important than that local and warm feel you will get shopping at Tapley’s, you will get a quality shopping experience with employees who are participants in your quest for the perfect gift or addition to your home.

Our dealers are passionate about what they sell and Tapley’s is confident you’ll find not only what you need but what you love.

As Brenda says, “if you love it, it will blend perfectly with everything else you have”.

Located at the cross section of Waters Avenue and Montgomery Crossroads, Tapley’s is at a prime location for all Savannah inhabitants to shop local and support their community. And don’t worry about parking, there’s plenty of that!